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Moving and Shaking

Hello friends and followers,

I haven’t thrown in the laptop on the blog, which honestly is one of the most satisfying activities in my life right now, along with helping to plan my – how could it be – fiftieth college reunion.

But the weekly post has become a bit too high a hurdle. So I’ve decided to post biweekly instead of weekly. Did you know that biweekly means both every other week and twice a week? Look it up!

In this case it means the former. I’ll see you back here next Tuesday with a new post. Thanks for reading.


7 thoughts on “Update from your (mostly) faithful correspondent at

  1. Anonymous

    We were taught that semi-weekly is twice a week, and bi-weekly (or any other unit) is every two weeks. At least I remember that from the quasi-nuns at John Howland.


    1. I’m cracking up at the description of our teachers, which also provides a clue to your identity. I found this current usage in several sources. It seems ridiculous that this term would have two opposing definitions.


      1. Anonymous

        There are some less fraught examples, if I can remember them. CLEAVE is one–to cling or to cut, although the first meaning is probably close to obsolete except in King James-y usuage.


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