Singing and Dancing Away My Parkinson’s

Exercise is not just recommended for people with Parkinson’s – it’s prescribed. If you want to slow the progression of the disease, you must move. A lot. And your motions should be large.

Singing is recommended for people with Parkinson’s who experience diminishing vocal power. 

So, despite the fact that I’m a terrible dancer and a worse singer, I’ve taken up both. I boot up the Sixties station on Pandora and shoot for a half hour daily American Bandstand in my bedroom. Some of you may also remember Hullaballoo and Shindig, two music TV shows of the sixties.

I would be on cloud 9 if Herman’s Hermits walked through the door at this very moment, singing “Mrs. Brown, you’ve got a lovely daughter.” ‘Cause they’d be singing about me, right? At least that’s what I persuaded myself of when I was fourteen.

Now please join me as I make a fool of myself.    Laugh all you want!

Andi singing and dancing away the Parkinson’s

17 thoughts on “Singing and Dancing Away My Parkinson’s

  1. Anonymous

    Mrs. Brown was so fortunate to have a dancin’, singin’, and may I say swingin’ daughter like you. And I am so fortunate to call you friend.


  2. Maureen Shaw

    Andi, you’re just the best at singing and dancing! It lifted my spirits. I appreciate your candor and you’re quite a role model- not only for people who have Parkinson’s, but for all of us.


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