Not a bot

Yep, I’m a real human being, churning out words to amuse myself and maybe even you too.

But sometimes I wish In could just turn over this wordsmithing to someone else. Because sometimes I am just too damn tired.

Since such a someone else does not exist, I’ll do the next best thing. I will remind you of what you may have missed when you just didn’t make it to the blog.

If you’ve already read these, skip ’em or read ’em again. And if they don’t sound familiar, check ’em out for the first time.

I hope that whatever you read, you find yourself broadened, informed, entertained, uplifted ….or all of the above. Happy reading!

One last point…if something you read really resonates with you, or you think a friend might appreciate a particular topic, you have my permission to forward any post at all. Seriously, I won’t mind!

Creepy-crawlies Under My Skin
What it feels like to have Parkinson’s Disease

Final Jeopardy
How to inquire about someone’s health. Or when not to.

Dan Levy Saved My Life
What if you can’t bear to listen to or read the news anymore?

Singin’ in the Rain
Feel better! Sing!

Singing and dancing away my Parkinson’s
You can never have too much singing! Therefore, I bring my captive audience (you!) a chronically ill older woman (me!) singing and dancing to slow down the disease progression. Even if it doesn’t work, it’s fun!

To reveal or not to reveal
A Parkinsonian surprise leads our blogger to wonder just how open she’s prepared to be.

Cruisin’…..or maybe not
My curiosity about cruises is finally satisfied, and the verdict is in.

Cuppency Gynecup.. Guppen. Pencey (surely that’s a word now).
How often do you grope for a word, and it’s just not there? Is it normal aging, Parkinson’s, or some other nefarious thing?

A funny story about
This isn’t actually funny, but it is meant to help you feel better, especially if you’re experiencing depression connected to your Parkinson’s or another illness. It’s not your imagination, and you are not alone.

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