Cheese, Cheese, Cheese

Fromage! To die for (or maybe from)

Cheese cheese cheese cheese cheese

Cheese cheese cheese cheese cheese cheese cheese

Cheese cheese cheese cheese cheese

A haiku for you, appearing as a pinned tweet on Twitter

What the French have perfected


Where I’m going next week


What my sister gave me for my birthday. Thanks, Sis.

Cheese (of the month club)

What I’m not supposed to eat any more. Merci, Monsieur Parkinson.


Why no cheese? There’s been some research suggesting that dairy hastens disease progression. We certainly don’t want that! Dr. Laurie Mischley has created an online course on all things Parkinson called Parkinson School wherein she discusses what we should and shouldn’t eat in order to slow disease progression. I’ve just started watching the videos and I am finding them extremely helpful. However, please remember these two things: 1. I’m not a doctor and 2. I have never come close to being a doctor, having nearly flunked a required college biology class. From my layperson’s perspective, I find the lectures instructive but you can decide for yourself.

It’s your classic good news/bad news scenario, like the old Twilight Zone episode where blind-as-a-bat bookworm Burgess Meredith survives the apocalypse in a library, only to have his glasses break.

Here I sit awaiting a much (much, much, much)-needed vacation to the Land of Cheese (sorry, Wisconsin). Some of the things on my itinerary: 1. Dine in a Michelin-starred restaurant (one star) for the first and probably only time in my life since this is a splurge. Never fear, I shall report on this adventure. 2. Dine at a communal-table pop-up restaurant in a swanky private apartment (another splurge, another report unless taking photographs is considered déclassé. I vow to be nothing if not classy). This one has had some friends particularly concerned about me vis-a-vis Covid due to the communal dining. I promise no kissing, how’s that? 3. The Cinematheque film museum. 4. Create lots of endorphins through the testing of many perfumes. In case you’re wondering if I made that up about perfumes and endorphins, the answer is yes. But then I looked it up, and it’s true! 5. I really do need a new wallet. And a purse. Seriously. 6. Finally, and optimistically but also kinda pessimistically, walk. As much as I can, which we all know will be a fraction of the ground I used to cover on any given day. (I have to stop saying stuff like that, accept my changed circumstances, and roll with it.)

And of course, eat cheese. Just un peu. I’m human, for God’s sake!

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