A funny story about

depression. Okay, gotcha, it’s not really funny but it might make you feel a little better about your own down-in-the-dumps moments in a misery-loves-company sort of way.

We Parkinsonians tend to look for patterns in both our bodies and our minds. We may establish that the late morning “off” time (those painful/disgusting/ yucky sensations) occur daily around 11:30 and usually last till 1:00. One person gets through the episode with distraction; a chummy chat with a good friend does the trick. Another does yoga, and someone else finds solace in sit-coms.

A few months ago I started to experience these depressive episodes, and they had a physicality to them that I’d never experienced before.

I now knew what things I’d only read about felt like. For example: “a cloak of darkness descended upon her.” I have no idea where I read that, but I’ll tell you this: I’ve worn that cloak! I’ve felt its weight and its cruelty.

I was sitting on my bed one night, trying to I describe the depression-as-physical phenomenon to a friend when I happened to glance at my foot…and found my metaphor. “Put your hand on the top of your foot,” I instructed my friend, as I did the same. “Your foot represents the physical pain/discomfort of Parkinson’s – your tremor, your muscle stiffening, whatever your symptoms are. The toes represent your emotions and they are attached to your foot, which represents your physical experiences. They are inextricably linked. So for me, that means that when the pain associated with my muscle stiffening – my most unpleasant symptom – occurs, the depression comes right along with it. I recognize it for what it is, which sometimes makes it easier to get through, but not always.

I asked my neurologist if my “findings” were scientifically valid and her response was “absolutely.” I won’t share her exact explanation because I barely remember a word of it, but it was satisfying to know that I’d hit upon something, and it was real.

I hope you are able to find relief if you are experiencing any sort of depression connected with your condition. I suspect you’d find many grateful fellow-sufferers if you shared what’s helped you weather those difficult episodes.😃🤪

I promise my next offering will be of the cheerful variety because… Paris, where I am at this very moment. And here’s a bit of positivity for ya- I got a new “do” yesterday and it was really fun. What I especially loved was the vibe of the salon, a camaraderie among the staff I’d never seen before. Smiling and teasing one another, they appeared to be having a blast at WORK. Their mood trickled right down to me.

And here I am, newly shorn and wondering if I’ll ever be able to replicate this look at home. Hmmmm.


All I know about comedian Gary Gulman can be said in one word: hilarious. And his HBO special, The Great Depresh, made me wet my pants (again). Have fun!

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  1. Judith Fineman

    Andi- love your new hair style!!! Great excuse to fly to Paris every few months! You look great!

    Miss you!

    Love, me

    Judy Fineman



  2. susangsikov

    Andi! What a great blog.. and stunning picture of The Breck Girl.. the salon I went to- they were having fun too! Laughing together hysterically- the stylist was talking about “dressing in drag as Pamela Anderson and wanting to ride on the back of my stylist’s boyfriend’s motorcycle “! They were hysterical!❤️

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  3. Susan

    I love your hair. You look gorgeous. Such a nice treat. The best haircut I ever had was in Paris. They know what they are doing. Enjoy your trip💕


  4. Charlotte

    I love the new hairdo and I know you are having a fabulous time in Paris. I need to get back there again one of these days.


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